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#Hardworkpaysoff #Discipline ##Gooddiet #Extrodinaryshape


Fraser Mclaughlan

  • UKBFF  classic bodybuilding national champion

  • 2  X British finalist

  • TPI Certified trainer

  • Bachelors degree in Kinesiology from Texas A and M commerce TX

FM Physiques is not your run of the mill "Lose a few pounds" personal trainer FM Physiques is for the serious fitness lover that wants to get into extraordinary shape through discipline and hard work.

FM Physiques provide a service to the minority want to look and feel different. Those who want to diet 5 days a week and eat what they want at the weekend need not apply. Are you looking to get in shape for an event such as a body building or bikini contest or even a wedding or special holiday. All packages will include weekly check ins where a client will be required to send 2 progress pictures, current weight and a report on energy levels, mood etc. Diet and training plans will be changed accordingly. Getting in 3D shape is difficult but i will be right there with you every step of the way!.

FM Physiques is not a personal training service. Every package starts 30 a minute consultation,  where we will go over your expectations thoroughly. From here on in every thing will be done here online. I don`t work with macros or flexible dieting, but i do include a good mixture of foods (which you will choose) so this will be easy to adhere to and wont feel to restrictive. You should never eat things you do not like, if you get sick of something it comes out. Gone are the days of chicken and broccoli every meal! Everyone's metabolism and body shape is different. As the weeks go certain foods and exercises will be replaced if your body is not reacting favorably. There is a genetic element to the way you look but everyone when given the right programming can have six pack abs and a body to be proud of for some people it just takes time. 

If there is an easy way to be in 3D shape everyone would be. No component of transforming the way you look is extreme or in fact difficult at all. The part that trips everyone up is the consistency and balance. As human beings we get bored with routine. If you are one of these people then i will not be able to help you. I will invest in you 100% but if you are an un-coachable we will have to stop the process.

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